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Make Projects Easy and Dramatically Reduce Claims

Eliminate Project Stress: Streamline Delivery and Forget About Security, Training, and Support Costs

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How to Simplify Construction Management

Off-the-shelf software can often be overly complex as it aims to cater to a wide range of projects and industries, adopting a shotgun approach that may not meet specific needs. However, CMIS software stands out as a custom-designed solution specifically tailored to empower Owners, Construction Managers and Resident Engineers in managing project information with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. CMIS excels in its ability to streamline the management of capital improvement and development projects. What truly sets us apart is the fact that CMIS was conceived and developed by Construction Managers in collaboration with both private and public agencies.

Preferred Platform

We are becoming the industry-standard tool requested by other public agencies, just like you. When you add us to your project requirements you know you're going to get battle-tested and court-case winning documentation. Join the ranks of others picking CMIS as your preferred platform.

Construction Managers Embrace CMIS

Purpose-Built Tool to Ensure FHWA and Caltrans Compliance.

  • Dominate construction management in the region with a push-button simple system that eliminates the need for an IT team to setup, secure, and manage online systems.
  • Simplify project management and dramatically reduce claims while quickly closing-out projects with a tool built specifically for construction managers and owners.
  • Save time and expense with a tool that was designed to customize complicated software.
  • Leverage the differences between a tool built for a contractor and the tool built specifically for the construction management team.
  • Get access to a system that does all the heavy-lifting of document control and project reporting.