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Off the shelf software is complicated because it is designed to support every type of project and every industry. The shotgun approach sucks! CMIS software is custom designed to provide the Construction Manager or Resident Engineer the capability to manage project information efficiently and effectively. CMIS can be used to manage capital improvement and development projects. What makes us most unique is that CMIS was designed and developed by Construction Managers with collaboration from private and public agencies.

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Available anywhere on the planet and accessible in the field on your phone, tablet or in the office on the computer. CMIS is web-based. You do not have to install anything, download any software, or worry about upgrades.


We created a more powerful Daily Report and Pay Application that complies with federal regulations for reporting daily activities.


Send RFIs, Submittals and General Correspondence in seconds. Route and store all documents you need in one place.


Power of the database allows us to compile force account analysis, track bid item quantities, auto generate progress payment, word search capability and create logs.

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We are becoming the industry-standard tool requested by other public agencies, just like you. When you add us to your project requirements you know you're going to get battle-tested and court-case winning documentation. Join the ranks of others picking CMIS as your preferred platform.


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