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  • LAPM and Caltrans conformity. We built this tool on the backbone of the Caltrans Construction Manual. Unlike other tools floating around, we specifically designed this tool to roll out on federal- or state-funded projects at a moment’s notice. It is pre-configured and ready to go today.
  • Uniformity between projects. Using the same tool for all your projects gives you confidence to know your project managers, construction managers, inspectors, and consultants are all speaking the same language. Having consistency between projects reduces risks, streamlines management, and saves time and money.
  • Protection from reimbursements denials and federal funding claw backs. Let’s face it, there’s more money coming from the federal government, but the purse strings are still incredibly tight. With a tool that conforms to the LAPM, you don’t have to worry about documentation and procedure stopping your agency from reimbursement. And, as the project wraps up, you get additional protection from the feds trying to claw back money for redistribution to other agencies.
  • Fast and easy setup. Since this simple but powerful tool is purpose-built, we can have your team working in less than a week from when you issue your purchase order. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. It took us over five years to perfect the process and we’re constantly working to make it better and faster.
  • A system anyone can learn quickly. Your team has various skill sets, age ranges, and experience using software tools. That’s why we designed an onboarding process that includes a short half-day training in person or virtually. Besides the onboarding process, we have complete documentation inside the system and short, easy-to-understand video clips that walk through features to show your team how to use them.
  • Data safely stored in the United States. Data security and the “buy America” pledge are important to us. That’s why we encrypt and store your data on industry-leading cloud platforms within the United States.
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